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"Psychophysical testing with Bayesian active learning."

JR Gardner, XD Song, JP Cunningham, DL Barbour, KQ Weinberger

Uncer Art Intel (in press), 2015


"Fast, continuous audiogram estimation using machine learning."

XD Song, BM Wallace, JR Gardner, NM Ledbetter, KQ Weinberger, DL Barbour

Ear and Hearing (in press), 2015 


"It's game time."

DL Barbour

The ASHA Leader, 2015



"Spike-timing computation properties of a feed-forward neural network model."

DB Sinha, NM Ledbetter and DL Barbour

Front Comp Neurosci 8:5, 2014

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"Modeling of topology-dependent neural network plasticity induced by activity-dependent electrical stimulation."

R Ni, N Ledbetter and DL Barbour

International IEEE EMBS Conference on Neural Engineering6, Program No. THET9.15, San Diego, CA, 2013

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"Temporal evolution of gamma activity in human cortex during an overt and covert word repetition task" 

E Leuthardt, X Pei, J Breshears, C Gaona, M Sharma, Z Freudenburg, D Barbour and G Schalk

Front in Human Neuro (Epub 2012 Feb 12)

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"Evaluation of techniques used to estimate cortical feature maps"

N Katta, TL Chen, PV Watkins and DL Barbour

J Neurosci Meth 202(1):87-98, 2011 (Epub 2011 Aug 25.)

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"Photoacoustic microscopy of microvascular responses to cortical electrical stimulation"

V Tsytsarev, S Hu, J Yao, K Maslov, DL Barbour and LV Wang

J Biomed Opt 16(7):076002, 2011

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"Decoding vowels and consonants in spoken and imagined words using electrocorticographic signals in humans."

X Pei, DL Barbour, EC Leuthardt and G Schalk

J Neural Eng 8(4):046028, 2011 (Epub 2011 Jul 13)

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"Intensity-invariant coding in the auditory system"

DL Barbour

Neurosci Biobehav Rev 35(10):2064-72, 2011 (Epub 2011 Apr 16)

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"Nonuniform high-gamma (60-500 Hz) power changes dissociate cognitive task and anatomy in human cortex"

CM Gaona, M Sharma, ZV Freudenburg, JD Breshears, DT Bundy, J Roland, DL Barbour, G Schalk and EC Leuthardt

J Neurosci 31(6):2091-2100, 2011 (Epub 2011 Feb 9)

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"Rate-level responses in awake marmoset auditory cortex"

PV Watkins and DL Barbour 

Hear Res 275(1-2):30-42, 2011 (Epub 2010 Dec 9)

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"Designing in vivo concentration gradients with discrete controlled release: a computational model"

EY Walker and DL Barbour

J Neural Eng 7(4):046013, 2010 (Epub 2010 Jul 19)

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"Level-tuned neurons in primary auditory cortex adapt differently to loud versus soft sounds”

PV Watkins and DL Barbour

Cereb Cortex 21(1):178-190, 2011 (Epub 2010 May 10)

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"Theoretical limitations on functional imaging resolution in auditory cortex"

TL Chen, PV Watkins and DL Barbour

Brain Res 1319:175-89, 2010 (Epub 2010 Jan 14)

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"A computational framework for topographies of cortical areas"

PV Watkins, TL Chen and DL Barbour

Biol Cybern 100(3):231-248, 2009 (Epub 2009 Feb 17)

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"Specialized neuronal adaptation for preserving input sensitivity"

PV Watkins and DL Barbour

Nature Neurosci 11:1259-1261, 2008 (Epub 2008 Sep 28)

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"Excitatory local connections of superficial neurons in rat auditory cortex"

DL Barbour and EM Callaway

J Neurosci 28:11174-11185, 2008 (Epub 2008 Oct 29)

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"Auditory cortical responses elicited in awake primates by random spectrum stimuli"

DL Barbour and X Wang

J Neurosci. 23:7194-206, 2003 (Epub 2003 Aug 6)

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"Contrast tuning in auditory cortex"

DL Barbour and X Wang

Science 299:1073-5, 2003 (Epub 2003 Feb 14)

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"Temporal coherence sensitivity in auditory cortex"

DL Barbour and X Wang

J Neurophysiol 88:2685-99, 2002 (Epub 2002 Nov 1)

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